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All About Keratin & Amnio Acids Treatments


What is Keratin

Keratin is the key structural material found in our hair. Keratin is also the protein that protects (epithelial cells) from damage or stress. Unfortunately, it can be depleted due to  heat, damaging processes, styling and chemicals.

What are Amino Acids

In order for the hair to produce Keratin Structural Proteins it must have sufficient access to certain Amnio Acids. The four key Amnio Acids are Cysteine, Lysine, Arginine and Methionine. We use Cysteine.

How does it work

These treatments aim to help replinish lost Keratin and or Amnio Acids by using a formula that contain traces of actual Keratin or Amnio Acids (among other indgredients). These products may strengthen the hair shaft and help smooth its surface, resulting in silky, frizz free hair for most.

What to expect?

Once your are seated in the salon chair a proper hair analysis and consultation is provided to determine which treatment would work best. Next, our Certified Treatment Specialist will mix the formula to be applied after your shampoo session. Please do not shampoo prior to your visit. 

The formula misture is applied to thin sections of  the hair while smoothing and combing the hair. Depending on the treatment choice the hair will be rinsed or dried and followed by sealing. Blow-dry or hood dryer and finishied with flat ironing. Without them, the Keratin or Amnio Acids cannot bond to the hair. The process can take 2 1/2- 4 hours depending on length, density and texture. Plan accordingly. Stylist will not rush the treatment and will reschedule you!

False expectations of Keratin or Amnio Treatments

Results will vary slightly depending on your natural hair type, the health/history of your hair, the condition of your hair prior to the treatment and the exact treatment you receive. Overall, hair will take on a shinier texture and apperance. The treatment should reduce frizz and the apperance of some damage from chemical and or coloring treatments. It should also take less time to blow-dry your hair after showering. Effortless flat-ironing 1-2 passes. Styles last until the next shampoo. (Humidity Guard)

When some say it didn't work

Keratin does not chemically alter the internal bonds of the hair. Therefore, after shampooing YOU WILL SEE your natural hair, texture and paterrn. ONLY FORMALDEHYDE IN PRODUCTS causes hair to remain straight after wetting due to a chmical structure change in the hair! We do not offer these. However, once blow-drying and styling you will experience less blow-drying and flat-ironing time. Now, if you previoulsy had damage before a treatment, don't expect the treatment to erase or hide it.  It takes time to repair and see those results. Lastly, this is not a wash and go system. It is a easy maintenance system. Work is required on your end. Overall, lifestyle, daily regimine, medications and styling determines your overall longivity. Please be advised prior to your treatment with ANY salon.